How Much Does a New Air Conditioner Cost?

When you’re hot and bothered, it’s hard to think about anything else. But what should be first on your list when the AC goes out? Hiring someone of course! That is if they have experience in fixing these types of problems like we do at On Time Service Pros. We’ve seen all sorts of things during our time here including how people head off towards stores for drinks or ice while outside jobs are offered by local companies until more permanent solutions arise – but not anymore because now there’s no excuse not to get new air conditioning equipment installed quickly thanks to us.

Residential & Home Factors Affecting New AC Cost

Air Conditioner Installation

If you’re looking for an HVAC professional to help maintain your home, then look no further than us. We offer free consultations so don’t be shy! Call today and we’ll show up with all the tools needed and answer questions that may come into mind regarding new AC equipment – it’s always great seeing new faces around these parts but most importantly doing good work together makes everyone happy.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, make sure that the SEER rating falls within an even number range. This will help save energy and money on your cooling bills! The higher ratio in this case means more efficient performance which leads to lower costs per kilowatt hour (kWh). Numbers like 14-24 refer to general guidelines during purchase while other factors such as location can influence what’s most appropriate – just keep these things into consideration when making decisions so they don’t end up costing too much later down the line.


Air Conditioner Size

Homeowners in Hastings know that during the summer, keeping a cool home is important. However, if you’re not sure which model will work best for your needs or how much space there should be in consideration when selecting an air conditioning unit- especially since larger models often come at higher prices than smaller ones do!

The input discusses two different topics:  First, why it’s easy to forget cooling our homes & second, what kind of person would buy something without knowing exactly what they need from said product (i e., small vs large). The output simplifies these ideas while still making some relevant points such as confusion about size choices, among other things.


Air Conditioner Brand

The HVAC industry is a competitive one, and it’s important to do your research before choosing who will install systems. Relying on word-of-mouth recommendations or claims made by salespeople can be risky business; satisfaction rates may not tell the whole story if there were many complaints about them as well! When looking into companies that provide services such as installing ventilation equipment in homes – which includes heating & air conditioning units (or even just cooling) – make sure you read reviews from happy customers so we know what kind of service they offer us locals here near Minneapolis/St Paul area folks deserve reasonable prices.


Common New Air Conditioner Types

It is important to contact On Time Service Pros early in order to plan ahead for all aspects of your air conditioning installation. These costs will vary depending on what you need but may include transformers, ice makers/chilled water systems etc., so it’s best if we talk through these with our customer right away before starting any work!


Central Air Conditioning: $3000 – $7,000

Central air conditioners are the most popular type in Minnesota because they use refrigerant to extract fluid from inside your house, compress it using an internal compressor and then send this newly created hot liquid out through condenser coils where you turn them into gas for distribution throughout homes. This strategy helps reduce energy costs by not needing individual room cooling like with window-fitted systems; instead only require one large machine which can be more efficiently operated as well.


Ductless Mini-Split Units: $3000 – $10,000

Installing a mini-split system will save you money on your energy bills. It’s perfect if the only thing standing between cool air and warm rooms are small spaces, like bedrooms or offices! These units use less electricity than traditional central systems too – so there is no need for expensive bricking up or cutting into walls just because they’re near an outlet somewhere nearby (not that these practices aren’t okay).


Heat Pump: $4000 – $8000

Installing a mini-split system will make your home more comfortable and cut down on energy costs. It’s the perfect solution for spaces like bedrooms or offices that need cooling but don’t have enough room with larger HVAC systems! These units also use less electricity than traditional central air conditioners too – so you won’t need to worry about expensive bricking up walls nearby if they’re close by an outlet

A Mini Split System doesn’t just help keep things cool; it saves money too because these small AC appliances are much cheaper compared to large scale ones installed in entire houses.

At Hastings’s On Time Service Pros, our  team has over 15 years of experience helping homeowners in Minnesota with their new home air conditioner & cooling needs. If you’re looking for reliable services you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. We are licensed and insured for your safety, and we only employ the friendliest, most qualified, and experienced technicians. We are proud of our relationship with the community in Hastings for more than a decade, we’ve been helping customers stay comfortable in their homes. After working in the HVAC industry for many years, we have learned how to provide the best customer care and cooling services.