Ductless, Mini Split Systems Installation

Ductless, Mini Split System Installation

When considering a heating and cooling system for your space, there are many factors to take into account. Most people have heard of central air systems and window units, but know very little about an alternative solution called a mini split system. Installing a Mini split system in your Rosemount home can oftentimes be a better and more cost effective option.

These systems don’t require ducting which saves 25% or more of your energy that is normally lost within ducts, which in turn reduces your utility bill. Mini split systems are mounted to a wall and installed with a small hole which leads to the outdoor compressor. This installation method makes them less likely to experience air leakage and also solves many security problems that come with window units. Some Rosemount mini split systems can be controlled with a single outdoor compressor allowing you to individually control the temperature of each room to meet the needs of those occupying the space.

Along with whole house heating and cooling, mini split systems are especially great for spaces such as garages, apartments, bonus rooms, and sunrooms where extending or installing ducting is not reasonable. Additionally, those that live in larger homes and don’t use every room, can install mini split systems into the rooms that they use most often instead of shutting HVAC grills which can result in pressure and mold issues.

Here at On Time Service Pros, we recognize that a comfortable home makes all the difference. Contact us to discuss energy saving solutions for your heating and cooling needs and to learn more about our Rosemount mini split system installation services.

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