Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement

Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement (General Repairs)

An electrical panel is the heart of your Rosemount home’s electrical system, and outdated technology or faulty panels can result in a huge safety hazard for you and your family. Whether the electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced, the team at On Time Service Pros is here to serve Rosemount and the greater Minnesota area. Additionally, we can also perform general repairs on other electrical components in your home to ensure that everything is sound and in working order. Regular electrical panel maintenance and repairs are vital to prevent larger problems from developing, such as electrical surges or even fires.

There are some signs of a faulty electrical panel including flickering lights throughout the home, as well as an electric sizzling sound coming from inside of the panel. You may also notice that appliances throughout the home are either receiving too little or too much electricity, which is also very dangerous. If you notice any of these signs, it is critical to contact a qualified electrician right away. Our team has the experience and tools to tackle even the most complex electrical problems.

Are you concerned about the competency of your home’s electrical panel or any other electrical component? Contact us at On Time Service Pros to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment with our team.

Two gentlemen came out. Peter was the lead. They were both professional and friendly. They did not slow down until they found our problem and fixed it. The final cost was far below my expectations. Thank you On Time Service Pros.
Karen and Harold G.

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