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V.I.P. Heating & Air Conditioning Sale

Air Essentials Kit Includes:

  • Smart Thermostat – Effortlessly remote control your home’s heating and cooling while reducing energy consumption and utility costs. Receive alerts about HVAC system issues to ensure timely intervention to prevent potential breakdowns and costly repairs.
  • Smart Hub – Communication device to connect all your smart home devices.
  • Water Sensor – Detects leaks or flooding in homes, providing early warnings to prevent water damage and save money on repairs.
  • Smart Plug – Remote access your appliances or lights to turn them off or set schedules. Monitor and manage energy usage on your appliances to reduce energy waste and lower utility bills.

V.I.P. Electric Services Sale

Did you know? 80% of power surges originate when electronic motors turn on. While plug-in surge protection strips work pretty well, they are limited. They are most effective in conjunction with a whole home surge protector.

V.I.P. Plumbing Services Sale

Know your water

Protect your health and appliances by removing PFAS from your home water. There are many health risks associated with PFAS consumption or use. Effects include changes in development with infants, liver and thyroid function, immune response, tumors, liver, and kidney cancer among others.

There’s a solution!

PFAS are very simple to filter from your water with a Carbon filter. Because PFAS can be absorbed through your skin, whole home filtration is the best defense in protecting your family from the harmful effects of PFAS in your water.

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