7 No-Cost and Low-Cost Ways You Can Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills

Save Money On Air Conditioning BillsDuring our warm summers in Hastings, Minnesota, you will probably notice a spike in your energy bills as a result of using your air conditioner. While turning off your air conditioner completely would leave you uncomfortable in your own home, there are better ways you can reduce your air conditioning bills.
Here are the top seven ways you can minimize your energy costs this summer.
Close blinds
Heat is transferred from the sun into your home through your windows. During the day, you can reduce your air conditioning bills by closing your blinds, drapes and other window coverings.
Use fans
Moving air feels cooler to our bodies. By utilizing ceiling and room fans throughout your home, you can leave your thermostat at a warmer setting, remain comfortable and save money on air conditioning bills. Fans do not actually lower the temperature, though, so turn off fans in unoccupied rooms.
Replace your filter
The filter in your air conditioner should be replaced regularly. A dirty air filter restricts airflow to your air conditioner, causing it to strain and reducing its efficiency. This increased strain and reduced airflow can also shorten your air conditioner’s lifespan and increase repairs.
Open windows
Most of the hot summer days in Hastings are replaced by cooler evenings. You can reduce your air conditioning costs by opening your windows in the evening and letting in the cooler air. But remember to shut your windows again in the morning before your air conditioner turns on.
Raise your thermostat
For each degree you raise your thermostat you can save about 3% on your energy bills. You can save even more by also raising your thermostat whenever you are at work or away from home for eight hours or longer. A programmable thermostat can accomplish this automatically (and save you up to $180 a year).
Change your bulbs
If you still have old incandescent light bulbs, you can reduce your air conditioning costs by upgrading to more efficient CFLs or LEDs. Not only are these light bulbs more energy-efficient, but they also emit less heat. 
Reduce oven use
Using your oven introduces large amounts of heat into your home. To cool your home, your air conditioner must remove this heat. Only use your oven during the cooler morning and evening hours. This will decrease the strain on your air conditioner and reduce your cooling costs.
Use these seven low-cost and no-cost tips to reduce your Hastings area home’s air conditioning bills this summer.
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