5 Big Advantages of Two-Stage Air Conditioners

Two-Stage Air ConditionerIf you are looking for a new cooling system for your Hastings area home, you have most likely come across two-stage air conditioners. But what are they, why are they more expensive and should you get one? 
In this blog, we will quickly discuss how two-stage air conditioners work and some of the benefits of they can provide.

What Is a Two-Stage Air Conditioner?

The typical air conditioner is a single-stage air conditioner. That means it is either on at 100% capacity or off. It is similar to having only one switch that either turns on or off every light in your home. That would be inconvenient and inefficient.
Two-stage air conditioners are designed with comfort and energy efficiency in mind. They have two speeds, one at 100% capacity and one at a lower capacity, to cool your home more efficiently. During the warm days, a two-stage air conditioner uses the lower setting and on extremely hot days it cools your home using the higher speed.

5 Benefits of Two-Stage Air Conditioners

Because of the unique features of two-stage air conditioners, they also have many unique benefits. Here are the five advantages of choosing a two-stage air conditioner over a single-stage.
  • More Even Cooling – Because a two-stage air conditioner will use the lower speed about 80% of the time, your home is cooled slower and for longer periods of time, maximizing circulation and minimizing hot spots. 
  • Energy Savings – Like your vehicle, the less your air conditioner has to start and stop, the more efficiently it operates. So even though your air conditioner will be running for longer periods of time, it will be using less energy (because it is at a lower speed.)
  • Reduced Humidity – Summers in the Hastings, Minnesota area can be made worse by the humidity. Air conditioners remove humidity as they run, so as your two-stage air conditioner runs longer, it will also be removing more humidity, increasing your home’s comfort and indoor air quality
  • Quieter Operation – As mentioned earlier, a two-stage air conditioner will likely be running at its lower setting for 80% of the time. That means your quiet new air conditioner will be almost silent most of the time.
  • Fewer Repairs – Single-stage air conditioners cycle on and off more frequently, which can cause wear and tear. Since two-stage air conditioners run longer without turning on and of as often, there is less wear on your air conditioner’s internal parts, which could mean fewer air conditioning repairs.
If you want more information on two-stage and single-stage air conditioners for your Hastings area home, contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning online today. 

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