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Light Dimmer Switch Feels Warm? Here’s Why

You go to turn off your light, but you notice the light dimmer feels warm to the touch. Should you be concerned?

“Why Is My Water Softener Not Using Any Salt?”

So your water softener isn’t using any salt. Has the brine tank formed a hard, crusty top? Sounds like you’ve got a salt bridge. 

Cost to Replace a Furnace Heat Exchanger in Minnesota

A furnace technician came to your home to check your furnace and, at some point, declared, “Your heat exchanger is cracked and you need a new one.”

How to Protect Your Furnace from Power Surges

When protecting your furnace against power surges, it is important to take a layered approach by combining whole-house and point-of-use surge protectors.

Why Is There a Leak From the Base of My Toilet?

So, you’ve noticed a puddle of water at the base of your toilet. You’ve tried to clean it up but it reappears, like clockwork, every time you flush. 

Why Is My Furnace Blower Motor Squeaking/Squealing?

Furnace making an annoying squeaking noise? Luckily for you, our MN techs explain the problem and how to fix it.

“Why Is My Outlet Not Working?” A MN Electrician Explains

Have an outlet that just stopped working? Our MN electricians explain the possible reasons and what you can do to fix the problem.

Why Is Only My Kitchen Sink Water Pressure So Low?

Your kitchen sink plays a huge role in your daily schedule, from brewing your morning coffee to helping prepare dinner.

Why Is There a Burning Smell Coming From My Heat Vents?

Have you recently noticed a burning smell coming from your heat vents? 

Why Do My Lights Flicker When My AC Comes On?

If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you’re probably wondering whether this is normal or problematic.

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