They Truly Care
I hired One Hour to install a new heating and cooling system.  On the day of the installation I had to be gone all day.   I came home and there was so sign of them being there.  I went into the house and basement door was closed.  I opened it and the lights were on.  I then went down to inspect and found a brand new furnace installed and humidifier.  Then went to the window and saw the new AC.  Found paper work on the countertop to fill out for rebates.

I can’t say enough good things about this company.  They worked with me through the financial stuff and agreed to my deal.  The staff on the phone are delightful and workers are courteous and kind. 
Everyone should deal with this company.  I highly recommend them.  They truly care.

Review by: Bev      Source: Insider Pages      Brand: One Hour

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