Get Electrical Maintenance to Stay Shock Free—and Carefree

Want to keep your home’s electrical components in tip-top shape so that your family stays safe?  If so, sounds like you want home electrical maintenance.

Electrical maintenance includes:

  • Electrical panel safety check
  • Electrical surge assessment
  • Outlet inspection
  • Switch inspection
  • GFI inspection
  • Arc fault inspection
  • Smoke alarm inspection
  • Battery replacement
  • CO alarm test
  • Full safety inspection

We provide electrical maintenance as part of our VIP maintenance plan.

VIP maintenance plan includes:

We’ll contact you when you need maintenance—so you won’t forget!

VIP plan price: Only $19.99/month

Get your VIP maintenance plan
Extremely pleased with the service I received. I have their service plan and the minimal monthly payment is well worth it. Sue N.