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Your car needs maintenance regularly, right? So do your cooling and heating units; they need professional maintenance annually, according to ENERGY STAR.

We offer two ways to get professional HVAC system maintenance:

  • Single maintenance visits
  • VIP maintenance plan

Here’s what’s included in each option.

Air conditioner maintenance visit includes:

  • Precision AC tune-up (ensures all parts are working properly)
  • Coil inspection and cleaning
  • Airflow and temperature rise check
  • Equipment wash and clean
  • Electrical inspection
  • Voltage/amp/ohm check
  • Indoor air quality inspection
  • Thermostat check

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Furnace maintenance visit includes:

  • Precision furnace tune-up  (ensures all parts are working properly)
  • Gas pressure test
  • Clean burners
  • Electrical inspection
  • Voltage/amp/ohm check
  • Heat exchanger check
  • Carbon monoxide test & carbon monoxide alarm inspection
  • Air flow and temperature rise check
  • Indoor air quality inspection
  • Thermostat check

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VIP maintenance plan includes:

  • Annual heating and cooling system maintenance (everything above)
  • Annual plumbing maintenance
  • Annual electrical maintenance
  • $0 diagnostic fee—anytime, all the time
  • 15% discount on HVAC, plumbing and electrical repairs
  • Guaranteed 2-hour appointments
  • Front-of-line service (meaning you get priority service over our non-VIP customers)

We’ll contact you when you need HVAC maintenance—so you won’t forget!

VIP plan price: Only $19.99/month

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Extremely pleased with the service I received. I have their service plan and the minimal monthly payment is well worth it. Sue N.