How To Use Your Ceiling Fans to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills

Home Ceiling FanIt’s not a secret: moving air feels much cooler to our bodies than stagnant air. You have probably experienced this phenomenon during a cold winter day. The piercing wind can make it feel much colder than the thermostat tells you.
You can use this fact to lower your air conditioning bills with your ceiling fans – here’s how.
Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan is Rotating the Right Direction
Do you know which way your fan should be spinning in the summer? Did you answer clockwise? You could be wrong... but you could also be right. The answer is really that it depends. 
Different fan manufacturers design and install their fan blades in different ways. Also, the issue can be confused by point of view. (Is it clockwise when looking up at it or if you were looking at it from above?) For simplicity, in most circumstances, your fan should be pushing air down.
But how do you know which way the air is blowing? Stand underneath the fan while it is on and see if you can feel a breeze. If not, flip the switch on the fan to rotate the blades the other direction and then repeat the test. 
Note: In larger rooms or in rooms with high ceilings, it may actually be better for the ceiling fan to be reversed. Test both directions and find the one that works for your room.
Turn Your Thermostat Up a Few Degrees
Moving air can actually make your body feel a few degrees cooler. Because ceiling fans use much less energy than air conditioners, you can take advantage of your fans by turning your thermostat up a few degrees and enjoying the reduced energy bills. 
ENERGY STAR estimates that for every degree you raise your thermostat, you can lower your air conditioning costs by about 3%.
Turn Off Your Ceiling Fan When You Leave the Room
Ceiling fans make you feel cooler, which can help you reduce your air conditioning bills, but they do not actually lower the temperature. Therefore, there is no reason to leave them running in unoccupied rooms.
To maximize your cooling cost savings, do not use extra energy by running fans in rooms that are not being used.
With these three tips, you can use your ceiling fans to reduce your air conditioning costs without having to sacrifice your comfort. Looking for more great tips like this one? Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!
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