Last Chance to Take Advantage of the HVAC Tax Credit

Federal Tax Credit Coming to a Close Soon

Back in February of 2009, President Obama approved a consumer tax credit as part of the larger 2009 American Economic Recovery Act. Eligible homeowners can take advantage of this $787 billion dollar stimulus package when you make upgrades to your home comfort system with Energy Star efficient products.

According to the US Department of Energy (, consumers who purchase and install qualifying energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment are eligible. Qualifying systems include natural gas, propane, or oil furnaces; heat pumps; air conditioners; and even tankless water heaters. You can purchase up to $5,000 in products and can claim up to 30%, or $1,500 as a tax credit until December 31, 2010.  

Unlike a tax deduction that only removes a percentage of the tax owed, tax credits reduce your taxes dollar-for-dollar – regardless of the tax bracket you fall into. Purchases can be itemized on your federal income tax form, allowing the total amount of tax owed to the government to be lowered.

Additional Special Discounts

For a limited time your One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Specialists are offering additional savings of up to $2,297! You can take up to $1,497 off the purchase of any optimum or premier comfort system or up to $789 off the purchase of any deluxe or basic home comfort system. Add to that the available utility savings of up to $800 or more and there is a lot to take advantage of. As if this wasn’t enough, qualifying buyers with approved credit are eligible for $0 down and no interest for 12 months.  

When you replace older more inefficient furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy your home consumes on a daily basis. This means lower energy bills for you, improved comfort for your home, you’re helping the environment and you’re getting a tax credit to do so!

For those who filed for the tax credit in 2009, but did not use up the total $1,500 available, the remaining balance can still be used towards qualified improvements before the December 31, deadline.

If you’re considering updating your heating or cooling unit, installing a new energy efficient tankless water heater or any of the numerous efficiency upgrades available, the potential for savings is huge. Now is the time to act. Remember, projects must be completed by the December 31, 2010 deadline to qualify.

To learn more about qualifying systems, contact your One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Specialists today.

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