How Much Does a Tankless Water Heater Cost in Hastings, Minnesota?

It’s impossible to give you the exact cost of a tankless water heater because it depends on so many factors.

But, on average, a tankless water heater installed in Hastings, MN is usually between $3,200 and $4,500.

For an exact price of what it’d cost you, contact us for an in-home quote

To help you better see all the factors, we’ve broken it down into the 2 main components that affect the cost of an installed tankless water heater: 

  • The cost of the water heater itself
  • The cost of the installation

And we’ll show you the factors that affect the price of each of these.

Cost factor #1: The water heater price

The price of the water heater itself usually makes up 60 to 70% of the total installed price.

Some of the factors that affect the price of the water heater include:

Energy efficiency

More efficient water heaters cost more.

A tankless water heater’s energy efficiency is measured by a number called the Energy Factor (or EF). EF is expressed as a decimal and the higher the number, the more efficient the water heater. 

For example, a tankless water heater with a .82 EF is more efficient than one with a .67 EF.

Learn more about EF on


The more hot water you use, the bigger water heater you’ll need and the more expensive it will be.

But tankless water heaters aren’t measured in gallons like a traditional water heater. So how do you know what size you need? Well, a plumber will help you figure it out based on:

  • The flow rate, which is the quantity of water the water heater can heat. It’s measured in gallons-per-minute (or gpm).
  • The temperature rise, which is the number of degrees the water heater can raise incoming water. It will vary based on the flow rate.

Learn more about tankless water heater sizing at

Fuel source

In general, gas tankless water heaters cost more than electric tankless water heaters. However, we don’t really recommend electric tankless water heaters as they have trouble raising the temperature of our cold Minnesota water.


The brand of water heater you are installing will also affect the final price. As a general rule, well-known brands with good warranties will cost more than the store brands you can pick up at a big box store that have much shorter warranties.

Cost factor #2: The installation price

The other 30 to 40% of the price of an installed tankless water heater is usually the actual installation. The factors that affect the installation price include:

The plumber/plumbing company you hire

The more well-known plumbers will cost more and usually give you better labor warranties

Another thing to be aware of when selecting a company is how they price. There are 2 methods:

  • Hourly pricing
  • Upfront, fixed price

Why is how a company prices important? 
Well, if they charge hourly, then the price they gave you is actually just an estimate. If they run into problems they hadn’t thought about, or things end up taking longer than expected, your final price can be much higher than the original quote.

That’s why we only do fixed, upfront pricing so there are no surprises for you later.


Installing a tankless water heater in homes that previously had a tank water heater can be expensive because you often have to:

  • Run a new, larger gas line. Tankless water heater require more fuel to heat water on demand.
  • Add new, larger venting. Since the gas tankless water heater is consuming more gas, it also needs a larger vent.
  • Moving plumbing/pipes. Plumbing may need to be added/moved to accommodate the tankless water heater.

Want to know the price to install a tankless water heater in your home?

If you want an exact price on a new tankless water heater, you can contact us for an in-home quote. We’ll ask you some questions to determine the right size for your home and give you a few options.

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