4 Steps to A More Efficient and Dependable Air Conditioner

Woman Fanning Herself Because Her Minnesota Air Conditioner Broke DownAs you perform your annual spring cleaning, do not neglect the air conditioner that will keep you cool and comfortable in the coming summer. Our cooling experts have come up with four things that you must do before summer to prepare your air conditioner and prevent cooling problems in your Hastings area home.

Step 1 – Change your air filter

This is Air Conditioning Maintenance 101. If you flunk this course, you doom your air conditioner to a shorter, more expensive life. Air filters clean the air in your home of large particles that can damage your air conditioning equipment. When the filter becomes saturated with dirt, it can no longer perform that duty correctly. Also, dirty filters restrict airflow, causing the air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. Both of these things can shorten your unit’s lifespan, decrease its energy efficiency, and lead to costly repairs.

Step 2 – Clear any obstructions

Before summer arrives and your air conditioner begins working overtime, take a moment to go outside and make sure the area around your unit is clear. During the fall and winter in Hastings, Minnesota, debris can collect around your air conditioner and weeds, bushes and shrubs can encroach on your unit. These obstructions restrict airflow and choke your air conditioner’s energy efficiency. Give it some breathing room by clearing the area of all intruding debris and plants.

Step 3 – Check the drain line

As your air conditioner runs, it drains excess moisture out of your home through a drain line. If this drain line becomes clogged or blocked it can lead to a backup of water in your home. To make sure your drain line is okay for summer, run the air conditioner, locate the drain line, and ensure there is water exiting. There will not be a large amount of water, but if you do not see any, even after your air conditioner has run for awhile, your drain line may need to be cleared.

Step 4 – Get a professional air conditioner tune-up

In order to ensure all of your air conditioner’s components are functioning correctly and ready for summer, you should schedule an air conditioning tune-up. Just like an oil change for your vehicle, an air conditioning tune-up keeps your system running efficiently and helps prevent future costly repairs.
Maintenance is important to the proper and efficient functioning of anything; and your air conditioner is no exception. Use these four steps to prepare you air conditioner for the oncoming summer and enjoy increased efficiency and peace of mind.
O’Connor’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning serves the cooling, heating and air quality needs of Hastings, Minnesota and the surrounding area. We provide quality, affordable solutions by friendly and knowledgeable technicians.

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