4 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Repairs to Complete Before Summer

Home Window Repair - CaulkingAlthough Minnesota, along with the rest of the country, had a mild winter, spring is upon us. The warmer weather is a great time to touch up a few things around your home and make critical repairs in preparation for the coming summer. Before the heat arrives, take the time to complete these four outdoor spring cleaning repairs.

Caulk around windows and doors

The cold weather can wreak havoc on the caulking and weather stripping around your doors and windows. Look for areas where it’s peeling or cracking. Scrape off the old and replace with new caulking. This will ensure your windows are tightly sealed, keeping water out of your home, and increasing your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. 
Note: Air leaks are a major cause of air conditioning system inefficiency. Other places to replace caulking include around plumbing that comes out of your home’s exterior and around exterior electrical fixtures and outlets. Also, if your home has any block or brick areas, check for and fix cracks and missing mortar.

Repair and clean your gutters

Spring is a great time to check the rain gutters on your home. Remove any debris that has settled into the gutters over the winter and make sure that the downspouts are not clogged. Also, clear the gutter channels on your roof of any obstructions. Look for leaks, cracks and holes and repair or replace the damaged sections of your rain gutter. To prevent water from damaging your foundation or flooding your basement, ensure that your downspouts are properly directing the drain water away from your home.

Touch up your home’s exterior 

The freeze and thaw cycle that occurs during the winter can damage your home’s paint and/or siding. Take a look around your home for areas of exposed or splitting wood and peeling paint. By taking the time to re-paint and waterproof these areas now, you can prevent further damage to the exterior of your home and protect it from the summer heat.

Prepare your landscaping

As the weather warms up, spring is the time to prepare your landscaping for the summer. Pull any weeds that sprouted up during the winter. Clean the yard of leaves and other debris. Spread fresh mulch around your shrubs and flowerbeds. Check your irrigation system and repair any leaks. Even small, slow leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. (See our other water saving tips).
By taking the time to perform these easy outdoor spring cleaning repairs, you will protect your home from more costly repairs down the road and improve the efficiency of your heating, cooling and plumbing systems
O’Connor’s One Hour can help you prepare for summer with an air conditioner tune-up. Schedule a service with us online or call 651-254-8117.

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