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How to Change the Filter in Your MicroPower Guard Air Cleaner

Need detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to change your MicroPower Air Cleaner filter? We’ve got them.

What Size Generator Do I Need for My Minnesota Home?

The size generator your home needs completely depends on how many electrical appliances you want powered during a blackout.

Why Won’t My Air Handler Turn Off?

Don’t worry, we’ll explain what’s causing your air handler to run non-stop and how to get it working properly again.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Inside My House?

So you’ve noticed a suspicious puddle of water in your home and you’ve traced it back to your indoor AC unit.

Why Is My Ceiling Fan Rotating in the Wrong Direction?

If you think your fan is rotating in the wrong direction, it’s likely just been left in the wrong setting from the season before. Don’t worry, though, we’ll show you how to manually reverse the direction of your ceiling fan.

What’s the Best Indoor Humidity Levels for My Minnesota Home?

During the summer, your home’s humidity levels should be between 40% and 50% but during the winter these levels should be slightly lower. Learn more here.

How Often Should I Change the Filter in My Minnesota Home?

The answer? Whenever it gets dirty. OK, we know what you’re thinking: “Yeah, but how often should I be checking for a dirty filter?”  

What Is “Hard” Water and What Does It Mean for My Minnesota Home?

Hard water is basically water with a high amount of minerals and it can cause some nasty problems. Learn more here.

What Size Electrical Panel Do I Need for My MN Home?

Thinking about getting an electrical panel with a higher amperage?

Should I Turn My Central Air Conditioning Off at Night?

We get this question a lot from Minnesota homeowners looking to save some $$$—especially once summer hits. 

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