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4 Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Is Tripping, And How You Can Fix It

Did your power shut off abruptly? It’s probably a tripped circuit breaker.

Why Does My Furnace Intake Pipe Keep Freezing?

If your furnace intake pipe freezes, it blocks fresh air from getting to your furnace. 

Sewer Smell When My Furnace Comes On? A MN Tech Explains

Smelling sewer gases when your furnace comes on isn’t normal. It indicates both a plumbing problem and an HVAC problem. Here’s why.

When Should I Replace My Boiler?

Knowing when to replace your boiler doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here are 3 easy ways to tell that you need a new heating system.

Why Does My GFCI Keep Tripping?

If your GFCI outlet keeps tripping you most likely have one of these 3 problems. Our electricians walk you through the steps to fix it.

Cost to Repair a Furnace in Minnesota

Wondering how much it costs to fix a furnace?

Why Is My Furnace Blower Not Turning On?

Furnace turning on but your blower motor isn’t? If you’re not getting airflow from your registers, we’ll explain why and what you can do.

Light Dimmer Switch Feels Warm? Here’s Why

You go to turn off your light, but you notice the light dimmer feels warm to the touch. Should you be concerned?

“Why Is My Water Softener Not Using Any Salt?”

So your water softener isn’t using any salt. Has the brine tank formed a hard, crusty top? Sounds like you’ve got a salt bridge. 

Cost to Replace a Furnace Heat Exchanger in Minnesota

A furnace technician came to your home to check your furnace and, at some point, declared, “Your heat exchanger is cracked and you need a new one.”

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