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My Kitchen Sink Is Clogged. What Can I Do?

Clogged kitchen sink? Drat! Is there anything you can do before calling a plumber?

Are Annual Furnace Tune-ups Really Necessary?

No one wants to shell out dough if they don’t need to. So when homeowners hear furnace contractors talk about annual furnace tune-ups and maintenance, they ask, “If my furnace is working fine, do I really need a furnace ‘tune-up’ each year? What’s involved in a tune-up that I can’t do myself?”

Why Did My Furnace Stop Working?

So, it looks like your furnace has kicked the bucket? Well, let’s not jump to conclusions. There are lots of reasons that your furnace may have stopped working, but that doesn’t mean it’s done for.

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air/Not Heating?

Is your furnace giving you the cold shoulder by blowing cold air?

How To Use Your Ceiling Fans to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills
Learn how you can easily cut your air conditioning costs this summer by properly utilizing your home's ceiling fans...

7 No-Cost and Low-Cost Ways You Can Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills
Looking for some easy, no-cost or low-cost ways to reduce your summer air conditioning bills? Here are seven ways you can reduce your cooling costs in Hastings, MN...

5 Big Advantages of Two-Stage Air Conditioners
What are the advantages of choosing a two-stage air conditioner or heat pump over a single-stage? Here are five of them...

What is a SEER Rating?
Air conditioning terms can be confusing. However, there is at least one important one that you should know: SEER...

3 Hidden Dangers in Your Home’s Electrical System
Did you know home electrical problems account for an estimated 53,600 fires, $1.4 billion in property damage and more than 500 deaths every year? Find out if your home is at risk of these hidden electrical dangers...

Save 40,000 Gallons of Water Annually with 3 Water-Saving Appliances
Save money, save water and help the environment by upgrading these three appliances in your home...

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